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1-Wire devices have a master / slave relationship, where the 1-Wire controller is the "master" and devices like the DS18x20 temp sensors are the "slaves".  

The OneWire library makes it possible to use the Arduino as a 1-Wire controller (several threads here discuss interrogating 1-Wire temp sensors).   Has anyone tried coding for the opposite way around ?  Ie making the micro emulate a 1-Wire slave device?

I have an existing 1-Wire microLan with many different types of slave devices attached.  But sometimes I need some more intelligence than the Dallas chips provide.  It would be really neat to have an Arduino emulate one of the Dallas chips.    

Has anyone had a crack at this?  Starting from scratch is a bit scary!


Has anyone had a crack at this?  Starting from scratch is a bit scary!

I've not tried, but if you extract the core functions (read/write) from the "master" library would already be close to having a client library.


I would be very interested in that as well!
Any news?


This would be really nice, I'm building a 1-wire network and it's a pity I couldn't use Arduinos as slave devices.
However you could use a DS2408 that have 8 I/O pins and hook them to the Arduino. For many applications even 4 could be enough


Somebody emulated 1-Wire slave device? It is necessary to link two Arduino on distance of 10 metres without superfluous monetary expenses.


Himm. Are you sure about there is no OW Slave code for Arduino?  :o
I don't expect that. Now working on serialize GLCD library via i2c, I wanted to support OneWire protocol at my GLCD backpack device too.

:-/ Anyway. I implement OneWire Slave protocol to PIC16F628 with ASM (because of using 4Mhz IntOSC = 1MIPS), It looks I needed reimplement samething to arduino, but this time with C... :P


Has anyone had a crack at developing code for a onewire slave using an Arduino?

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