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Topic: Anyone managed to get a JYMCU/HC06 Bluetooth module working with Arduino + Mac? (Read 5687 times) previous topic - next topic


Just trying to do basic Arduino Serial stuff but getting nowhere.

I am pretty sure my issue is with the Mac ... but I don't have a PC to try it with.

I have it powered from the Arduino and can pair it (using the password '1234'), but the red LED doesn't stop flashing and I get permission denied trying anything with the /dev/tty.*  :smiley-roll:

Any ideas?


I am pretty sure my issue is with the Mac ...

You're dead right. The simplest solution is get an Android.

If you can programme the Arduino with a Mac, you don't need a PC, and if you can pair it, there is nothing to suggest that anything is wrong with the bluetooth.


The only android device I have is a first generation Kindle fire and I don't think that has bluetooth. What's the cheapest android device I can get that would still be useful for this?



Seems their store is down http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://store.weburban.com/ but it doesn't appear from reviews to be a JY-MCU/HC-06?


It does not matter which BT module it is.. You must be able to install it as serial port (03:37).


What's the cheapest android device I can get that would still be useful for this?

The Huawei Y210 can be had for $49 around here, and that includes $10 worth of phone calls. As a phone, it's not too flash but probably no worse than an iPhone and, at that price, there is no obligation to use it as such.   It works perfectly with the HC-06.

There is some background here which might be useful.


Note that, while Android is clearly the only way to fly, and I have absolute confidence in the Huawei, I now see that some try-before-you-buy might be in order.

One of the reasons for buying the Huawei is that I despaired of ever getting my clunky  Kogan 10.1" tablet to work with any bluetooth device. I normally use an HC-06 but had occasion to use an HC-05 last night and found that it would pair OK with the Kogan.  It is now beautifully displaying three graphs with Bluetooth Terminal. It still won't work with the HC-06, and I have no idea why, so I wouldn't recommend it to anybody even though, for my purposes, it is far superior to the phone.



Note that, while I said what I said, the last thing I am suggesting is to swap the HC-06 for an HC-05. Since you have an HC-06 now, you should stick with it, as it will almost certainly be fine.

I raise my experience only as a precaution and I have no explanation for it. I only mention it because it is cheaper to swap bluetooth modules than android devices, but it is an avenue of the absolutely last resort.

Note also that the Kogan refused to pair with the HC-06 so it has nothing to do with arduino, the connection to the module, or the code.


I ordered a HC-05 anyway just to check and in the meantime I am going to hunt down the cheapest decent Android I can get around here. Whatever happens with the bluetooth modules is all good because I am sure there are people at my local hacker space who would like to have them donated if I can't use them :)


Just wanted to report back because I hate finding threads about technical issues that are left without resolution :)

My HC-05 just arrived and within 5mins of tearing open the packaging I had it up and running with no problems, therefore I can only assume Apple macs only like the HC-05 or I got a bad HC-06. Either way, I am up and running now :)


I can only assume Apple macs only like the HC-05 or I got a bad HC-06.

That is very interesting.  My tablet won't look at the HC-06 but is fine with the HC-05. I was blaming the tablet but it could be that HC-06s are different enough from HC-05s to be limited in a manner not generally realised.

Don't throw the HC-06 out. There may not be anything actually wrong with it, and it may work fine in another task. My HC-06 is fine with both my phone and my laptop.



The phone is a Huawei Y210D. Don't pay more than $50 for one. The laptop is a Dell 430.  It uses the Toshiba bluetooth sniffer, which seems to work easier than the standard Microsoft version. I imagine one Dell is much the same as another. I got the phone solely because a neighbour's immediately worked fine with the HC-06.


If this can help anyone, I was also having trouble connecting my HC-06 to my Macbook Pro. The device would connect to my Android phone easily but no dice on the mac.

In the mac os bluetooth menu, I clicked the gear symbol, then added an rs 232 serial port, I then tried connecting again, making sure I used '1234' as my password and I was in.

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