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This may be a naive questions to you guys but I have been baffled for several days and tried everything I could imagine. The Arduino robot does not have pins like the normal Arduino where you can insert e.g. jumper cables: it has holes that probably need filling somehow. They are too big for jumper cables. I have checked on Maplin's catalogue and tried some solutions that could potentially work. I even ended up soldering some types of pins I have found but to no avail. They seem ideal to insert  directly e.g. sensors. For example if my accelerometer had the pins in the right order I would not have any problem in inserting it, it would fit very well. But the order is wrong and I am sure I need to connect somehow via wires. I can obviously insert jumper wires but they would not stay in as the holes are too big.
The only information I could find are the videos provided by Arduino on youtube but they only connect to sensors to the analog pins which have the white plastic supports (TK2 and TK3 in the attached picture). But I cannot find how to read from the digital ports which are instead holes.
I am sure there must be a simple object to insert and to solder but I cannot find it. Can anyone help please?


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