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Ok so I'm a complete NOOB, so of course ATAPI will be my 1st attempt at self instruction (yes I am a gluttton).  

So I have a freshly built 328 and would like to interface to a couple of old CDROM drives using either ATAPI commands via a 40 pin cable and 12v power supply OR a microcontroller (last option) and I can't find a thing on the google machine.

I'm building the RFID cat feeder and would like to simply send a command to pin ??? on the cdrom drives and voila open or close.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


The simplest way would be to just put a relay across the contacts of the open draw button that is on the front of most CD drives. If you want to get fancy you could replace the relay with an FET.


Hi Justin, i'm searching from long time about this, the best and complete information i found are those old pages.


but not for atmega328... anyway i'll try to do with a PIC18F4550, i have a lot of old CDRoms to destroy trying to control them...  ;)

If someone knows about control a CDRom through ATAPI / IDE / ATA 40 pins connector with a microcontroler (PIC, Atmega, etc...) please contact with me in: furrichip at gmail.com



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