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I wanted to build something simpler than my last project and this is what I came up:

Project makes use of fantastic MIDI library.

Each button sends regular MIDI Note On/Off + another note on/off when it's pressed for 1 second.
Each potentiometer sends additional 6 notes depending on its position
MIDI In support

Here are couple of videos: (note that the case still misses few details)

Start-up routine (This starts too slow, I need to look into that)

Some fun with LEDs

More fun


The case is now finished:

Hopefully I'll upload a video showing off all features next week. I'm really happy with its performance!

Source code is available here, but there's quite a few bugs there + there is one more feature I'm trying to implement right now, so really stable version will also be up next week:



Looks great - thanks for sharing !

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Thanks. Here's a video of it:


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