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Hi all,
well against everyone's advice I decided to have a go at building some antennas for my ID-20.
Though I prepared for failure (and blowing up the kit), I don't think I did too badly for a complete novice.

I borrowed a Fluke ScopeMeter and connected it across the connectors for the antenna.

Then Monitored the VRMS as I passed a piece of ferrite into the field.
As per the documentation...if voltage rose I added capacitance, if it fell I reduced it.

Eventually produced a few hand wound antennas that levelled of at between 30-40 VRMS on the scope. This read the tags giving an extra few cms range and much wider coverage than the rfid  internal one.

Sadly the Fluke has had to go back so I'm looking for something to allow be to measure this reading on a budget. The ID-20 is 125kHz

I have a standard Multimeter which is great for most of the Hobby stuff that I play with, so really I wouldn't need something that did much more than show me the VRMS value that I was seeing on the Fluke.
Checked a few online stores and eBay but there are so many confusing options that I thought I'd best ask on here first.

Any suggestions please?

Many thanks


Hi 2much...

google "jaytech oscilloscope" - this should do it nicely, and at a reasonable price too.

Let us know what you think


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