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I think most Romex home wire is 10 - 12 guage.  


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I'll use screw terminals on my final relais board  (the picture is just a prototype from crap i had lying around...)
with extra wide tracks on the pcb + i'll have a couple off boards ofcourse.

I want a more proffessional look.
I'm putting everthing in a nice box (with a LCD display in it to show changes and debug info if needed) in my electronics closet
I'll use a serial lcd on my mega for this

I really hate waiting for my new touchscreen kit for the Eee 900 wich has cracked few days ago.

I'll finish my pcb tonight/tomorrow I hope.
When its finished i will post the *.pdf and *.Fz file (fritzing)


Sorry.... I've not checked this thread for a few days.

A few posts ago, someone said something about getting started with PCB fabrication. Guide for hobbyists, schools, at...



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I'm gonna have to delay my project a little because I'm moving soon
It was the plan! but not this fast :D we got offered a great house 2 extra rooms and lower rent :P (WHOEHOEOEOEOEOOEOE :P)
I'm not sure on how I will proceed with the home automation.

I'm also changing jobs and for some reason all this goodnews has happend on vrijday the 13th :D Wierd :D


I was diagnosed with celiac disease yesterday, going to put my projects on hold to get myself well.  



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next Thursday I'm getting the key to my new house :D

I hope to find a good electric circuit to go trough with my plans!
i'll keep you updated...

Tehjrow How are you doing man?


Get well soon my friend!!

And Congrats on the new house SaSaa.

I'm closing on my house the end of this month, then about a week to move stuff in. I should be wiring my house the first week after moved in. Then hooking up all the automation and servers.

Btw, I sold my HP ProLiant DL380 server... TOO loud and old tech... cant support SATA or USB2... so I built a quad core 3.2ghz server... this will run EVERYTHING. It has dual gigabit lan, so it'll serve as a NAS, Router, Webserver, and IP Filter. I'm still thinking about how I'm going to use it as a WIFI server... probably just plug a wifi router into the gigabit switch... Oh I got an 8port gigabit switch that plugs into the server... then internet into the server directly as well. So every package, file, everything run through it. It's gonna be fun trying to set up active directory and user profiles to see if I can emulate my work environment... domain server and all that good mess...


some usb wifi sticks/wifi cards are capable off creating a wifi network
i have used this for months :)

I now got 2 WRT54G's v1.1 and a v2.2
the first is just a router and the second is setup like a brigde so i don't have aany wires running trough my house from the first to the second floor (its only for my laptop and arduino) and speeds are good :D

I used to use the second router to catch the wifi from my neibor* and "putting" it in my wired network. this was because I switch to another provider... took 2 weeks :S


hello people.
I made a sample page for the control of my arduino.

User: User
Password: Pass

you control to add arduino and IP cameras.
I am currently working on it.
please tell me what you think of this page ... ::) ::)


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Page is looking good, but why all the ads? There are one on the main page, then another one inside an iframe, then an iframe inside the iframe with another ad on it... I see 3 ads almost all the time... Ditch them, and it will give the page a huge lift :)

captain-slow.dk | non contagious!


the ads are for the hosting (free), I do not know how to remove them. >:(


that kinda sucks...

i was just browsing the web i i found out that the new ethernet shield is out :P.
with a WORKING sd card reader...
I'm gonna get one next month to improve my Home automation controll center wich is particially working in my NEW house. i can swith all the lights, the coffee machine and the music box in my kids room :P
I havent got around in getting RFID-readers nor electronic locks.

the sd card would be mostly used for a log file to check debug info of people opening the doors and maybe small pictures for the status display on the weppage.


Tengo la primera "beta" de mi proyecto. les dejo el vídeo y la pagina web


actualmente tiene solo 3 salidas, pero puede llegar hasta unas 10 salidas.
mi principal problema es que sobrecalienta. puede ser por el consumo excesivo?


Hi guys!

I started building my own project (which was already started using PIC), and have almost everything working fine (lights, sensors, cameras).

Just out of curious how you were able to solve cabling issues. It´s tough having to cabling and setting relays around. Does anyone used X10 or something related ? Is it reliable ? (read some x10 users reporting problems)


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