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I have had to stop my project for personal reasons, but I was going to use solid state relays, like this one:


Here's a vid I made of me controlling an AC lamp with one:



Hi all.Want to ask is it possible using on page 7 UI make Buttons Up and Down and use them as a temporary keys so they only active when they is pressed?
Can someone help me with example of php and arduino code?


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I guess that is possible with JavaScript trough:
Onmousedown(); -> loop in a up/down command towards the arduino
OnMouseUp(); -> do nothing really
or Mouseover(); -> if you don't want to push the button.

but I don't know a lot about JavaScript

I made a perf board with the relais on them and then wire the light from there and use 2x0,8mm cable to connect the switches so they can be used to...

so i made my own "protoshield" with almost everyting on it.


btw i finished the beamer turning on and the lights going off :P its really nice :P

todo list:
Add automatic curtains :P

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