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     I am new to Arduino, though a hobby circuit builder. I want to make a interface with GPS and LCD, so interfacing and programming can be done by a PC, but to execute everytime do i require a PC. or can't I push the program/code to Arduino board and it can run standalone without a PC.

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Once you've downloaded your program to the arduino board it stays there, and the bootloader is smart enough to detect the lack of computer and run the downloaded code on power-up, within a few seconds (depending on exactly which version of bootloader you have.)


     Thanks for the quick reply. For a project work I am thinking to build a GPS Vehicle locater. This GPS IC will interface with Arduino and SIM card will be there, so the currect location will be SMS'ed to a web site in frequent intervals. So for first program etc I require a PC, but to run that standalone do I require PC everytime. As per the earlier reply it seems that it may work without PC. If any one has worked on similar kind of thing or info could you please tell me, otherwise I will think something else for my project.
I have saw a few good tutorials on Arduino and for every tutorial PC is required.  Also will Arduino Decemilla is the good one which can do this ?



Hey rknaik,

just to clarify:  the computer is only needed to load your code on the arduino.  once you load it, you can use the Arduino without a computer.  so if you make a program for your Arduino that does the GPS + SMS stuff and then put it into a car alone, it should work just fine.  you'll need to supply it with power, but that is pretty easy.


Hi Westfw/Hoeken,
                            Thanks a lot for the replies.  :)

Nice forum.


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