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Just a tool tip.
I stumbled on a BernzOmatic Micro Torch (ST200T).
It look like this and it's only about 11USD.

Besides being a torch, it has a soldering / hot blower attachment.
These heat from a catalytic element so there's no open flame.

The soldering iron works surprisingly well, and would make a very good portable iron.
However, I played around with the hot blower and found that it did a great job desoldering tiny SMD parts. (Within minutes I had 20-30 parts I could hardly see and will probebly never use.)

Since the hot air tip is so small, it's pretty accurate and did not see any damage to the board.

So if you need an excuse to buy a new tool, I'd recomend one.

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Thanks for the tip. I've been meaning to try some SMD salvage and this might be a good place to start.


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