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I am trying to start a Arduino Workshop as a good way to learn myself and get everyone else interested. What should I order besides Arduino and Breadboard?  I am not sure which capacitor, resistors, level knob, buttons, led, and wires. If someone can give me names of the parts to use with breadboard, I can order them and we can start.




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if i was to learn about Arduino and teach someone at the same time, i would definitly use Ladyada's tutorials.

You can find them here: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/

Currently she has 5 lessons, and all the lessons start with a very very detailed list of every single component needed, complete with pictures and all.

The lessons are also very detailed with step by step instructions, pictures, explonations, and even little quizzes to see if you have understood everything.



Thanks MikMo!  I think I am going to get the starter kit that they offer!


I concur - I use those tutorials to teach my friends and I will admit had fun running through them myself. HIGHLY recommended.


Yeah LIMOR IS AWESOME. The tuts are awesome and written for a complete beginner like ME!!! I really, really, liked them... I just wish more of my friends were closet nerds like me.  8-)

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