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Hi all,

Not a specific problem this question - just a general one...

Programming 8-bit AVR chips using Atmel Studio is as we all know, incredibly easy - plug in an AVR ISP MkII, click program and away you go.

However, is programming the SAM3X chip the same - I'm aware one must use a different programmer, such as the SAM-ICE I believe (which is just a rebranded Segger J-Link if I am correct?).

However - what is this? The SAM-BA In System Programmer? I thought an ISP was a physical device like my ISP MkII, or a SAM-ICE? http://www.atmel.com/tools/ATMELSAM-BAIN-SYSTEMPROGRAMMER.aspx

Thanks in advance


Absolutely not! I'm still trying to get my SAM-ICE to work ($$) and the AVR libraries are mostly useless with Due.

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