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I apologize if this isn't the proper sub-forum.

I have a toy with a little .5W 8 Ohm speaker, it also has a variable resistor to control the volume.  Could I safely connect the speaker output to the input of some USB speakers?  Basically using the toy's speaker output as a pre-amp?

I'm really not concerned with damaging the USB speakers, I just do not want to damage the toy.


Definitely not USB speakers, you need something with an analog audio input.
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what are USB speakers ?   More info required regarding toy and "USB speakers"


I guess I should have said, USB powered speakers.  The ones I want to test with use a USB port just for 5v power, they have a male 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack that plugs into a pc's speaker out.  I wanted to test powering the speakers with 5v, and connecting the toy's speaker output to the audio jack.

Thought I would come here for expert advice though, I do not want to risk damaging the toy.


I guess I should have said, USB powered speakers. 

In that case yes they are just like any other speaker / amplifier combination.


USB generally limited to 500mA, so 2.5W max output.
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