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Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post.

As you know there are many options to compile code  for Arduino http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/DevelopmentTools.

I'm developing in Atmel Studio 6.1 to optimize my code the most.
At some point, I needed the functions "millis()" and "micros()", so I ported some code of arduino core (blocks from "wiring.c" and "wiring_private.h" related to these functions, getting timer0 busy) from Arduino IDE to work with Atmel Studio.

I think this might be useful for someone else, so I would like to ask you how and where shall I share it?
Can I just attach them to this post and without any licensing issues?

Best regards


Would this be of more use to AVRFreaks as Arduino already has the functions you converted. You may get flamed for posting the code there though as they mostly class Arduino as a toy.
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.

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