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Excuse my n00bness, I'm a PHP guy exploring new avenues!

Anyway, I'd like to use Webduino in my project as it seems to be the most complete web server around (?) but it doesn't support the ENC28J60 chip i'm using. I plan to make it work using Ethercard but at the moment, it looks a bit over my head.

Does anyone know if anyone has already done this?

I had hoped to use pre-made libs to do the grunt work and allow me to get started on the simple stuff to build up my experience but if that's not possible, guess i'll have to get stuck in. I have looked through the libs but it doesn't look to be as simple as swapping round some function calls and I can foresee me spending hours chasing errors that someone more experienced a) wouldn't even make in the first place or b) would catch in a heartbeat if they did  :P



This might help :  http://maniacbug.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/webserver/
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that looks perfect, many thanks :)

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