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I have a couple of sensors that I am trying to send out over a UDP socket to processing but I am having trouble concatenating a string together and sending it out.

For example, I am trying to read in Analogs 0-3, and concatenating as such:
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String data = "*" + analogRead(0) + "/" + ... + analogRead(3)
But then another problem is that I need to send it over Udp via Udp.write() but that only seems to except character arrays.  So how do I accomplish this?


The easiest way is to use the String method toCharArray to get your data into a form suited to UDP.write. Better would be to use sprintf to build your char array and get rid of the String object.


So with toCharArray I can build a string and then write it to the socket as such?
In what format will other side pick it up as? String?

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