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Hey all - I'm trying to use the arduino Due from within  a VM (Ubuntu 12.10 guest, Virtualbox running on Ubuntu 12.04 host) and am facing some issues...

The device works fine from my Host OS, and when I pass through the USB device it gets recognized by the guest VM, and occasionally the bossac utility will recognize the device with the '-i' option.  However, actually programming the device invariably results in 'SAM BA Error' or 'No device found on /dev/ttyACM0'.  I do not have this issue when using the Uno or Teensy 3.0.

Any thoughts?

PS: Understandably, some of you may be questioning my sanity - why bother with the VM when the host works fine - but this VM is distributed across multiple developers for a consistent "plug and play" dev environment.


No longer an issue, we just succumbed to installing jantje's eclipseArduino on every machine manually.  Oh well.  I suspect there are some nuances with VirtualBox's USB passthrough layer that bossac can't handle

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