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I hope to see a modified version of Galileo that resolves better ADC conversion and compatibility to most common large TFT , more pins , I really hope to see true x86 arduino where i can run lunix32 and decades of it's development.  HDMI or VGA would be great, pricey board to adapt interesting industrial control applications wont be a problem.  still do not understand why Intel got it's capabilities shrunk in such board. we expected more of them to suit their credibility and coming with Galileo was not even right for them not their fans.


I think this might just be an over zealous moderator.
When the CEO of Intel spoke about the board at the Rome Maker Fair he spoke about a free and open system in the spirit of the Maker community.

Have you got a link to your link and notification of restriction?
I would query it if you are bothered.


Give them some due they are learning.
When I first downloaded the IDE there was a lot of stuff about not modifying it or decompiling it.
Not in the spirit of open source which the CEO said he wanted to embrace. It was later removed. It will take time for that attitude to peculate through the company.

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