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Something simular to this was touched on  in the 2005-2010 section of this forum but it was read only. 

The purpose of what I am doing  is to provide a method and potential that the parts can be returned in an order that does not need to be resorted between each workshop while at the same time enhance the students ability to not get flustered by the large number of different components that Arduino projects can involve.

This is why I have raised this topic in the Education section fo this web site,

At present I am storing workshop quantities of parts for  arduino workshops  in cut off transparent 5L water bottles in filing cabinets ( I left a tutorial on this in instructables) . Do or dont go there, I am not promoting that tutorial. This is a follow up on it.

But taking this a step further we are often introducing students to building with arduinos who are relateively new to electronics witout a strong mental map  of the different parts and I am was thinking of mixing different types of albumn pages
a/ a coin colectors album pages : coil collector albumn pages can be exve. ( any one know a direct link to a supplier in China?)
b/ mixed with business card holder ablum pages
c/ and up to A5 size pockets for the arduino themselves, (unsure how to google these).

Each pocket would have a laminated picture of the item it contains along with a QR code /url on its reverse to a 
a demo explaining the function of the item. ( some supplier already do this). This would make this method of storeage dyslexic compliant but most would fine it very useful and in group projects some seem to think that students may be telepathically connected to each other. Some even seem to think it of themselves. I cam getting off the point here.

The pictures allow items to be return to the same place each time and enable students to realise when they have mislaid an item and what they are now looking for. The QR code to an explanating of each items have obivious uses allowing different flows of learning and understanding to happen.

Carpet underlay could be cut to A4 size for padding between sensitive pages of items. ( I read about this in another instructable)

I have been delayed quite a bit trying to sort out building custom album pages and selecting an ultrasonic welder to form the pockets joins in sheets of transparent PVC, but I think it may be best to find the page pre-manufactured. An alternative method would be to use a jagged heat element to form the joins but for now I would like to track down the parts pre-made.

I realise an alternative to using folders in this way ( we have access to a lot of free folders) would be to use fishing tackle boxes,  which is still in the back of my mind, but I would like to sort out the folder solution first  as it may be more appropriate

The folders themselves can be stored more easily in bulk
its  is expandable and more easy to amend to suit different projects with less work, swap in/out a few pages.
it should be easier to spot parts that are accidentily missing.

The down side of using folders is that they do not afford as much protection to the parts,

I may need to run an online C.M.S. verison of the contents of each users folder.  Probable any shopping cart system would do the job, but if others of you are doing something simular maybe you can recommend a C.M.S. system that would not need to be adapted to much to suit this purpose.

At the moment I am thinking about adding a stopper somehow to each A4 folder to prevent it closing fully.

Your advice/assistance /insigh would be appreciated.   
Any suggestions welcome, improvements welcome.


Colm MCG

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