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Initially I had some difficulty with the forum using Windows Phone 8's built in Internet explorer on my Nokia Lumia 920.
I could not get the Forum link on the Support tab of the menu bar to take me to the forums.

Now, I do this:
1 Goto www.arduino.cc and Login.
2 Goto the address bar and manually type forum.arduino.cc
3 Enjoy trouble free forum participation without the 'token' headaches I receive on my desktop.

Hope that helps someone. The 920 has a 1280x768 resolution. In landscape mode the forums are very readable.

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As you will see from other threads I am seriously p....d off with the forum software performance on my Ubuntu netbook.

I'm curious to know what you mean by "without the 'token' headaches" (in the hope that the knowledge may be useful to me).



There is an error where the fórum software appends a Token=?* id to the end of the URL and renders navigation imposible.
There are a series of steps one must follow to stop this behavior.  It's been observed accross many browsers and OS platforms. A real pain.

Thankfully, Windows Phone 8 appears to be immune...at least I cannot replicate the problema.
Quiero una vida simple en Mexico...nada mas.


I must never have experienced that (thankfully).

I have tried browsing to a few threads just now and this is typical of the urls

and the url for this reply is

As you can see none of these has "Token=?"

Of course this does nothing to solve the problems I do experience :)


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