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Im  searching for a simple way to get data from the Arduino into Excel for later processing of the data via Zigbee

any suggestion will be appreciate.


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Yep... Too easy.


Edit: You can do keyboard HID with the Leonardo if you do not want to go the V-USB route.


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You surely can't get it any simpler than using PLX-DAQ.  This is an Excel macro that enables you to send your data direct to an open Excel sheet. It is simply a matter of properly formatting data that you would normally see on the serial monitor. Date/time stamping is done in Excel, no need for a clock on the Arduino. It can also do live graphs in Excel, and it is free!

Check here               http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=211274.0


You could save the data locally (regular log on sd for example ) in a txt file and seperate the data with commas. Rename the file to .csv and just open with excel.


Rename the file to .csv and just open with excel.

There is nothing magic about the txt extension, or the csv extension. The SD library doesn't care, so save a step and name it .csv to start with.
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