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Author Topic: Colorado Legal (this moment in time) Invention ..  (Read 590 times)
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Something never been invented.... and Legal...

(I'm poor, if you make over 10 million, I want 1 million dollars lol, even if you make 1billion i'm not greedy lol...)

Basically, Vaporizers take the marijuna to around 185c and it vaporizes the THC (the active drug component of cannabis) it then turns it into a whispy, steamy vapor (hence the name a Vaporizer) . well let's turn the machine that does that into a Commerical Sized one, and instead of placing a small amount, we stick a pound of marijuna into a machine.

We now have Vapor/Clouds whatever including the plants water, and we pump it into a Sauna the Sauna will get warm, the water and oxygen will all mix together resulting in a dense cloud/sauna type conditions but full of THC from the vaporizer machine made from just a couple of hot plates, a fan and a pipe to extra the vapor, a thermostat to regulate the heat of the hotplates, someway to contain it all ,a mico to read the data turn it on and off, maybe a solid state relay...

once design is done, You'll have the worlds first Marijuana Sauna...

On the sign to the Marijuana Sauna... [No sleeping]...

Thanks for Listening.


Anchorage, AK
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I thought you were limited to an ounce at a time...  Not sure that would be enough to feed your Steam Pot.

SF Bay Area (USA)
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Yeah, cause we've never actually been able to get much data on THC overdoses, before, and previous experiences show that intoxication and Saunas are SUCH a safe combination...

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