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Hi guys,

Would like to ask if anyone knows how can i get the current consumption for my circuit?
I am using the Arduino UNO, 5 5mm LED, 5 330ohm resistor, 2 continuous servo, 1 standard servo and 1 PING))) sensor.
I tried using my DMM to measure the current, but it just keeps showing 0.01mA or sometimes 0.02mA. I am sure i am doing something wrong here, but unsure where.

Help will be appreciated, thanks!


Can  you post a photo of your multimeter?


and how you are connecting it to measure the current


The servos need a separate supply capable of a couple of amps or so.

Everything else is less than 100mA at a guess, but not totally sure about the ping.

You measure current by placing the multimeter in series with the supply, using
the correct sockets for the test leads, Common + A

A multimeter won't show dynamic peaks such as from the servos, only an
average, which can be an issue for some measurements.
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If you are using a single power supply for all the devices, connect one probe of the multi meter to the positive of the supply and then use the other probe for taking power supply to your devices. It is just like putting in an ammeter in the circuit.

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