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hi, does this library work with arduino 017? I can't get this one working.
The IDE does not recognize it as a library,even though it was placed in the libraries folder.



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Yes it works, put them in a folder called SpiRAM and then at the start of the sketch put the lines:-

#include "Spi.h"
#include "SpiRAM.h"

As the note says you need the Spi library in first.


Thanks for your response. I had all of that in already, I must have something else wrong.


Anyone know if using an SPI SRAM chip would be any faster than using an I2C EEPROM chip?

  Right now I'm experimenting with an I2C EEPROM chip of the same size. It works great, but it takes 5ms to write a single byte. I know I could write it about 30 bytes at a time, but one is easier.

 I imagine this SPI SRAM chip is capable writing a single byte in less than 5ms.


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