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I am trying to wrap my head around LED lighting and have done a good amount of research into LEDEngin's LED emitter modules.  I have my eye on the 30W emitter but this has a forward voltage of 42V (here it is http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/LED-Engin/LZC-C0WW00/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMu4Prknbu83yxmdW0DL2XhYFIkVLBVIvVQ%3d).  What are my options for powering such a device?  Part of the requirement though is being able to dim the LED from an arduino via PWM.  I have plenty of power at the 12V range but it seems getting this up to the 42V level would be quite challenging and/or expensive.  And since this is supposed to be something where there is supposed to be many around the house, price is a considerable factor.

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Have you seen how bright 30W is? Maybe something a little smaller (and less voltage) would do. Also you will need a good heatsink on the back of the LED to stop it from frying itself. A cheaper option may be to use off the shelf units like this paired with a suitable LED dimmer PSU.
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Personally I would forget it. That is not the sort if LED you can power by just knocking up something on bread board. Those circuits just posted will only run stable on a properly designed PCB and are not sutiable for PWM anyway.
I think you need to know a lot more than you do now to tackle that problem.

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