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Hi there :
I am working on a simple project using the Arduino board to read the MPX2050DP pressure sensor. I'm trying to convert the reading of the Kpa of this sensor to mmHg. I already tried some codes and then I found out that the values on the serial monitor of the Arduino program is fluctuating ( goes up and down and does not stay steady).  Any help would be appreciated.
the data sheet could be found at :


I attached Pin 3 to 10v, pin 2 to A2 of Arduino, Pin 1 to ground.


Not sure how much of fluctuation you are seeing.. but there always be some fluctuation.  Adding some capacitors across the sensor power supply may help in reducing the fluctuation.  Have you tried using smoothing example?


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You cannot make this work.
Its the voltage between sensors pin2 and 4 you shall read.  This is typical max 40mV which is useless for the arduins ADC
i.o.w: You need an rail to rail amplifier (eg MCP6001) to get this going. Its not that difficult, but it needs doing.
Alternative?  use a different sensor e,g,like BMP085 (absolute pressure)
If you NEED the differensial type - use the one you've got.

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