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Arduino uno , bluesmirf gold bluetooth ( spp profile)

computer connection :
i can see the bluetooth module , connect to it using the right port , but i cant see anything on the hyper terminal !

wiring :

Code: [Select]
void setup()

void loop()

 Serial.println("Hello World");

what im doing wrong ? thanks in advance for the help


What do you have on the PC side connecting to the bluetooth device?


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bluetoth dongle

i also have this "

both worked and i can see the bluetooth and connect to it  ( i use the toshiba bluetooth software)


Are you sure about that baud rate? Your picture looks like the one I have (SFE?) and I think the default was 38k (I don't have it with me). What happens with the blinking light? Does it change when you open the serial port on the PC?


the bluetooth blinks red light . once i connect to it it turns to solid green light.

so my problem is in the hardware? usually the software doesnt change if its usb serial or bluetooth connected?

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