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Is it okay to power arduino uno with 9v @ 200mA external power supply on it's Vin?


Is it okay to power arduino uno with 9v @ 200mA external power supply on it's Vin?

Yes, as long as you are talking DC voltage and not AC.  ;)


And note that common "plug packs" (AKA "wall warts") consisting of only transformer, rectifier and capacitor can deliver wildly different voltage when they are minimally-loaded, to their nameplate.

so how do I address that problem? I'm planning to run arduino maybe for a 2-3 days and it seems that using a 9v battery won't last.


Batteries should be used when you absolutely cannot access a mains supply.

Switchmode (regulated) plug-packs are readily and quite cheaply available (eBay, Deal Extreme, etc.) by mail order, either 9V to feed the Vin on the Arduino, or 5V (such as - phone chargers - I scavenge these at garage sales for $1 each or less, can cut "odd" connectors off) to feed Vcc directly.

You absolutely must have a DMM (digital multimeter - $5 to $10 is generally adequate nowadays for simple stuff) - or two - to work with these things; you can check voltages and immediately figure out whether your supply is regulated or not.

I see.. but I do already have a 12v 200mA transformer, some diodes and caps, and a voltage regulator (7809) and build my own power supply. But I would consider owning a DMM to see if the voltage is regulated. By the way, thanks for the answer.., ^^

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