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Hi, so me and my dad are thinking of building a cnc mill.
I was wondering if any of you have any ideas on how to use the arduino as a mac compatible cnc controller.

Im thinking of going about it something like this: CAD software on mac => GCode => Arduino Board => Stepper Driver => Stepper Motor

Any ideas as to how we should go about doing this (code, parts, etc)? Also if you guys can give us some idea of how to put it all together in the arduino ide it would be very appreciated.



That is just what I did. Look first at the RepRap project. I used this and adapted it and ended up with this:-
Then I wrote the software to transfer the Gcode file to the milling controller using processing.
Project details not yet on line but coming soon.


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any way you can post the software up on the forum?
and thanks for the reply


What software?
The arduino code - this will mean nothing without the schematic.
The processing code I could send you if you sent me an email address as a PM.


if you could send me all your plans it would be very helpful


This is along the lines of what I'm trying to accomplish.
I'm in the early stages of setting up a similar project.

- Design in Autocad on a mac.  (alright easy enough)

- Convert to Gcode (haven't tried this yet, I have mach 3 for a PC, is there mac software for this? Didn't think so.)

- Arduino Uno Gcode firmware (arduino gcode interpreter)
-This is the part I don't understand.

- Arduino wired to steppers mounted on exsisting 3 axis Knee Mill. (easy part)

Alright, I believe I have the order of operations together. I do not understand how others have acquired an Arduino gcode interpreter. Surely people aren't independently writing their own code for this. I want firmware on the arduino that allows me to "stream" Gcode to it and be able to "interpret" the Gcode and react with it's movement of course.

I've searched online for weeks looking for this arduino firmware but to no avail. Every bit of software I find seems to be incomplete or without adequate documentation.

Reading this thread I wonder if you wouldn't mind helping me Grump_Mike. You say you wrote the software? Which software is that now? The arduino gcode interpreter? If so, how was that? I've looked threw the reprap and then Grbl code. It looked comprehendable but surely not something I'd want to bother writing on my own from scratch.
Is there something wrong with this software that you felt you needed to write your own? Or what am I missing.
What I find wrong with the software is I can't seem to find a way to stream to the arduino. I thought before I pull out anymore hair, I'd see if I can look over some shoulders and see what kind of progress others are making.

I just want to draw 3D parts in Autocad and send them to my Mill. Any guidance at all would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm likely leaving out some important details.


check out (google)
hydra mmm 1.4
rstepper or rstep cnc

these both have really basic streaming applications in java or processing

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