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Hi guys,

Another question:

Is it possible to put an Arduino DUE partially to sleep while a WiFi shield is connected to it which is constantly checking if a Smartphone configured as a WiFi hotspot is in its reach to connect to it? From the moment it connects to it, it should wake the DUE,...

I assume for this to work the WiFi-shield needs to be powered separatly from the DUE?

Anybody any experience with this?
Let's make it !


Yes, this is possible and no, you do not need to power them separately. The processor on the Due can be put into sleep mode via software commands and be woken up by interrupts. I am nearly sure that nothing in the Arduino library is exposed to support this sort of thing though - you'd have to access the hardware registers manually and then send the sleep command. This is one of those things that is possible to do but you have to read the cortex M3 documentation and find the stuff you're looking for. Once you do that you can search the CMSIS and libsam folders for headers that might make your life easier.  The processor has a power management system specifically for this purpose. Look for pmc.h and pmc.c in libsam.


Alright ! Thanks Collin. Another challenge :-)

I will dig into it pretty soon.
Let's make it !

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