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does anybody used already the input capture pins with the Arduino Due Board? Does somebody has an working library to use the icp on the Due Board or can tell me how to program them (how to set the right register in the program etc.) ? I need to read at least 4 icp Pins.
Maybe I need more description for my issue. 
I want to send a 40kHz signal out from the controller with an ultrasonic Transmitter. On the other side there will be 4 receivers that will get all the same signal from the transmitter.  What I need to do now, is to measure the time between sending out the signal and receiving the signal for all 4 receivers. I can't use the normal interrupt service routine, because the program will be stopped and could be inside one ISR while another receiver gets it's signal. Like that I will get timing problems. My Idea is now to use the hardware input capture pins. When they will get a signal, it will be stored automatically straight away and when all 4 receiver got there value, I could read them all at once, even if 2 receiver get the signal on the same time.
I think it should work like this. Please correct me, if it's not like that.
The problem is, I have no Idea how to set the right register for the timer and I couldn`t find any help in Google, in the Datasheet or in this Forum so far.
Also it is the first time that I work with the Arduino Due.
I hope really that somebody is out there, who could help me out.

Thanks :smiley-eek:

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