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hi! i just recieved my vrbot today and i was trying to test it out, but the vrbot gui keeps saying "could not detect device connected to port COM3" and i'm thinking it's because i didnt short pins 2 and 3 like it says in the directions.. but what the heck does it mean by having to short pins 2 and 3? does it mean to connect those two pins together??

much help is needed and appreciated!!!!!!!!! :-[


YES! i'm sry.. i'm new to all this

um... vrbot and arduino hardware
i'm using vrbot gui 1.1.5 and arduino 0021 software
running windows 7

what i did was i set up my mic and plugged in my connections from my vrbot to my arduino.. correctly i know cuz ive been staring at it

i'm kind of confused about this "normal and bridge" mode thing and how to set it up?

the directions say "in order to start in normal mode you have to short pin 2 and 3 and then turn the board on." for bridge , short pin 2 and 4...
but theres no way i can turn the board on and off! theres only a reset button :( i have to unplug and plug back in.

i think this problem is the reason why the rvbot gui couldnt detect the device????


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