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Whilst looking through my room, I found my old psp 1003. So now Im wondering will the screen work with an arduino uno? If its any help it has Sharp LQ043 K3146 written at the bottom.


Unless it has a controller attached to it (which may or may not be documented), probably not.  Most likely there are more pixels on the screen than there is memory in the ATmega of your Arduino.
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480x272 yea your going to need a bigger chip

it does have the controller in it, but at 8 bits per pixel and no ram on screen your going to be shoving a ton of data into it (for an arduino) at 60 times a second


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There were some talks on the sparkfun forum about a driver board for the psp screen and I think someone made one. Can't remember the capabilities of it - not sure how easy it would be easy to use with an arduino.

Basically you can't use it with just an arduino but it would be possible with an additional driver board which does all the work.

An an example, even something like a 128x64 monochrome graphical display really needs to have a extra controller chip, typically the KS0108.



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it has a driver board into it, you feed it raw color data over a parallel bus, but the 2 things that make it difficult are the no memory so you have to constantly refresh it, at 60Hz and the pixel count

ps for the future reference of this thread here is the pinout


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