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Long story short, I need to use i2c on my arduino, and I can't use libraries because I am merging the PS3 jailbreak into the sketch; and this forces me to use the non-arduino version of vUSB (the arduino version does not work with the JB), and that means no header files.  I tried adapting the library to be integrated into a known working sketch, but it does not work at all (it does upload without errors).  I was wondering if someone smarter than me could take a quick look at my sketch to give me some idea where I went wrong, and how I might fix it.

BTW...it is just a simple app that turns all the LEDs on when you send "1" via serial, and turns them all when you send "0".  Not a final app; just a test.

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I need to use i2c on my arduino

is this the only option? why? maybe there are other options.

What are you trying to accomplish? Your goal?

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I built a circuit that has everything needed to do the PS3 jailbreak, in both hermes and pl3 modes.  It also has inputs to monitor system temp at two places, which it uses to control a fan.  It also controls numerous relays that allow the jailbreak to start with no need to get up, allows the user to do a "hard restart" without getting up, and it does several other things too.  I have a hacked-together method of activating the jailbreak as a function...but it is so hacked together that it no longer supports C++ or any of the goodies that come with it.


The programmer who wrote my starting point contacted me back...he wrote a special c-only version of the wire library (he even re-wrote the examples).

Looks like all is well...

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