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In this project I will be developed a home based security and safety appliance. This appliance will be a portable one which can be placed anywhere as the owner's requirement. This system will be powered by a rechargeable battery pack so it will operate several hours without main current or electricity breakdown. This can use with main current too. It will have number of sensors; smoke, LP gas and motion detectors that can be controlled separately.

When these sensors detect any unusual behavior,

First it will be turned on the alarm that can be informed to the people who are in the house.

Secondly it will be sent specific message to the owner's phone number using GSM Network.

Thirdly it will be taken photos from its built-in camera within specific intervals and save those to its built-in storage device.

Fourthly it will be uploading those photos to the Internet by using owner's home Wi-Fi Network.

I am very new to Arduino so I need to know what are the items I need to buy(type of the Arduino board + sensors + other shields).
And any information/guidance from those who are familiar with Arduino to make this project success within 6 months.

Thank you very much,


Search and EBay are your friends. Seriously, not being sarcastic. You will be surprised what is available at very reasonable cost on EBay by typing in Arduino or Arduino Sensors or Arduino GSM. Once you've identified components there... ask about them specifically here.

Sparkfun.com, AdaFruit.com and others are helpful.
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