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Hi everyone! I´m working in my project with leds and I realized that the conductive thread I bought its not suitable for my project due to it has a high resistance, approximately 80 Ohms/meter and I have the distribution of the leds with a significance distance.  I bought it in Lamé lifesaver. I´m wondering if you have tried another conductive threads. I need it above all for a sewing machine and a as less resistance as possible.


I guess that many people have the same problem than me because this post has been read for many people but without answer.
It´s a little bit frustrated to not be able to find a yarn with a low resistance and suitable to sew with sewing machine. The best i found was  the yarn from lamé lifesaver. This yarn is good to sew with an industrial sewing machine because the width is very similar than the width of jeans´yarns but with a high resistance, approximately 80 Ohms/m. In my case, it,s too high because i need to see 5 volts in more than one meter in order to drive a transistor and the signal is quite attenuated.


Conductive thread made from stainless steel has low resistance compared to others on the market.  Check out the variety that Sparkfun.com offers.  Here is a thin thread that is only 9 ohms per foot: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10118

Note that conductive thread when used in the sewing machine should only go in the bobbin and never as a top thread, as it will fray and break otherwise.  In the bobbin it is able to lay flat against the work.

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