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sorry if this is a bit off topic but i need to install feedparser module to be able use a certain python script!

i got it from

i've downloaded feedparser 4.1 and the readme contains little to no information on how to use it.i think that may be because i haven't studied python before but id appreciate it if someone is able to explain it to me in a layman terms.

btw im using windows vista and have python 2.6 installed if it helps


sorry if this is a bit off topic

It's not a bit off topic. It's way off topic. Try asking on a python forum.
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In the case you didn't notice, there is a documentation link on the same site - http://feedparser.org/docs/ Think you should dive into as it explains quite a lot.

Furthermore you might notice the copyrights are ~4 years old. 4 years internet time that's about 400 human years ;) So maybe there are better / newer sources to find ...
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First, make sure you are using Python 2.7.  Then open a command prompt and navigate to the uncompressed feedparser folder.  Then type in the following (without quotes) "python setup.py install" and it should print something like this:

running install
running build
running build_py
. . . blah blah blah . . .
Writing C:\Python27\Lib . . .

That's it.

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