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Hello everyone,

I am going to use a the pressure differential to calculate flow.  I am having a hard time understanding how exactly to execute Bernoulli's equation.  I assume the raw sensor data should be converted into inAq or inHg.  Then Subtract the two to get the pressure Delta.  This is where I get confused.  How do I account for density of whatever I'm using to measure (water/mercury)?
I see in the equation where density of air is taken into consideration, but just cant fully wrap my mind around it.  I have searched all over the web, but still don't quite get it.  If someone could give me an example I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!


You do not need to know density of Hg or Aq. The only density used is density of the flowing fluid you measure - of the air, for example.


Use SI units, not inches of anything!!!
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Wow that was easy.  It has taken me a while to grasp this equation, but I finally get it.  That's all it was, should have been using SI units.  Thanks!

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