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I have created a small review of the Veho VMS-0004 Discovery electronic microscope as a tool to inspect PCBs.  The review is at http://omarfrancisco.com/using-the-veho-discovery-digital-microscope-to-inspect-pcb/.  Hope the review is helpful for anyone considering investing in a microscope to inspect PCBs.


Looks useful,

specs of the digital microscope - http://www.veho-uk.com/main/shop_detail.aspx?article=40 -

Think instructables have info how to convert old webcams to a microscope

google -> HIT!! -  http://www.metacafe.com/watch/939740/convert_your_webcam_into_electronic_microscope/  -

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Good to see you over here as well Landlord. I've put one of those scopes on my wish list.

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