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has anyone used this chip and knows how it works?




There is this news story http://news.cnet.com/8301-11386_3-57611449-76/decawave-chip-adds-accuracy-when-locating-indoor-objects/

Evidently external devices are required in addition to each chip. The system is undoubtedly expensive.  I'm also very bothered by the fact that I would have to register with the company, just to download a f***g sales brochure.


The DW1000 chip can be bought at Digi-Key. It's white paper actually contains 40 pages of interesting information. But not the communication protocol, for that you will need to ask (buy?) their User Manual. Digi-Key also sells their Evaluation Kit for about 600$.

It's a QFN 48 chip and it requires a 4 layered PCB with special care to the antenna design, that's why they promised a module that is easier to integrate. Availability of the module is late Q1 2014.


Update: The DWM1000 module can be preordered at DigiKey.
The copyrighted source code is available for free. Just mail them.

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