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I have been given some of these old(ish) barometric sensors, so before I start trying to sort out a library for their use, I wonder if anyone has already had any success with them?

They are the barometric sensors that turn up as used in a lot of domestic, radio linked weather stations (the earlier Maplin models used them) and are an I2C device which gave an 0x50 address when scanned. (Not the one shown on the datasheet which has me thinking)

The data sheet can be downloaded from http://www.hoperf.com/sensor/barometer_16/HP02S.htm so there's no need for any of the walks-on-water brigade to say that I've not given them enough information before they start shooting me down in flames for daring to ask a question.

If anyone has used them then it simply saves me from reinventing the wheel.

Many thanks

Dale H


If you can manage to read the onboad ROM  then this can succeed.
There is an arduino- library for this kind om memory, you'll find it.
Use datasheet/white paper  to find the correct address.
(hope next task is creating a xclk signal)


Note that you should do the conversion from uncompensated to compensated in float math as there are some big divisions that could truncate the value when the math is done in integer math

from datasheet

Rob Tillaart

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Thanks for the replies - I shall be spending some more time with the things in the next week or so.
If anything useful occurs then I'll post it here although, as I say they are quite old and not 'off the shelf' as far as I can see.

Dale H

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