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Can I use Arduino to call a telephone no.? I mean dial a particular number in case some condition is satisfied. and can I receive a call from a particular number and play a particular sound using arduino?
Is there a good tutorial or a circuit showing this implementation?


I mean calling any particular number by a hard wired landline. wer arduino is stores the no. and dials that no. wen a particular condition is satisfied. this no. can be any valid phone no. available. I mean is there some tutorial showing that?
I have already seen that link via google any other good links?


On another thread ( I can't find it) there was a discussion about the voltages on a landline, and that these were not Arduino compatible (by a factor 20) and that in many countries it is not allowed to have non certified products on the phone lines. E.g. insurrance companies will not pay when they find out "illegal" eelctronics connected to phone lines.

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I had thought the circuit was much simpler. and I dont think most of the stuff mentioned there in the link would be available in India. Thats y asked for some other link. gotta order from some where now I guess
Anyways thanx u guys :)

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