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A practical thing to do would be to buy a cheap phone and have the arduino do the button presses via transistors or similar.
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If you are not concerned about the legal status, the circuit isn't all that difficult to make. Is that what you are asking about?

Yup thats wat I am asking for. Not much concerned about the legal stuff here :D


If thats it then go by zoomkat's soution its easier if you dont want to build a circuit


I dont think most of the stuff mentioned there in the link would be available in India.
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[glow]I ALSO  LIVE IN INDIA [/glow]  They are available just dont forget to use Goole just because u didnt find it it dosent mean it is not available


Get a working stand alone modem that is compatible with your countries phone system. Use the arduino and newsoftserial and the extra CTS and RTS pins to control the modem. You should be able to issue an AT command to dial the modem. If there is a modem at the other end you should be able to send/receive ascii data with no problem.

Newsoftserial is speed limited. You may want to preconigure the modem to power up in a compatible mode.
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