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I'm going to build an internet radio player as schoolproject.
Since the raspberry pi has a bad audio port and I'm kinda new to arduinoI was wondering if this would be possible to build with arduino.
So the idea is to recieve audio streams from radio stations through an ethernetcable.
The audio stream has to be outputted to an aux-port which will be connected to my amplifier.
With 2 buttons you can switch from radio station.

Anyone has an idea if this is possile to make with arduino ?


Since the raspberry pi has a bad audio port

Has it?
There have been quite a few Internet radio projects with the Pi.

I don't know with the arduino but the only arduinos you stand a chance with is the Due or the Yun.


It's all about the skills



It does it's job, allowing everything to play nice together.
Also gives the ability to code in button control for station selection, maybe add an RTC and have a radio alarm.
Project + (Arduino + Imagination) = Endless possibilities.
It's all about the skills


The Yun with the right device on its USB host port could do this. I don't think the Due would be a very good choice for a beginner.


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