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Can't get it to work.

DUE  pins +5v GND 10, 11, 12, 13

to ENC28J60 10M Nano Ethernet Shield for Arduino Compatible Nano

using UIPethernet.h  and the example sketch  changing Ethernet.h for UIPethernet.h

I get local IP success

I get connect and packet lights on both jacks

But I can not send or recieve IP packets  TCP nor UDP

Nothing.  Like it is dead.   

Code: [Select]
  EthernetClient client = server.available();
  if (client) {

client remains NULL even when packets are sent to

Anyone else run into this?  Solutions?  What am I missing?


If the enc28j60 uses the SPI bus, then you are using the wrong pins. D10 is correct, but D11-D13 are wrong.
D11 -> D51
D12 -> D50
D13 -> D52


Isn't the DUE SPI port on the header next to the SAM chip, D74, D75, D76?
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jerrywickey writes:
Can't get it to work
You can not get what to work, be specific ?
The post title says 'DUE and 5500 network chip', so I can only make the assumption you are trying to get a Wiznet5500 Ethernet controller working on the DUE, is that correct ?

If so, then why do you talk about a ENC28J60, which I believe is a different chip altogether ?
If indeed you are using an ENC28J60 Ethernet controller, then have you read carefully the data sheet for it ?
ENC28J60 Datasheet

Regardless, the only place to connect to the SPI port on the DUE is via the ISP header.
Look in the sticky section for pin outs of the DUE to know the function of each pin on the DUE.
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