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Hi guys,

I am working on project where I am using an arduino mega and a bluetooth module to send a simple text to the andriod phone. I can build the program but I cant get to send the signal over to the phone.  The program structure is such , Once the led is high , the buzzer goes on and the signal is sent out to the HTC phone. Can somebody with a kind soul please help me with my program below.

best regards

#include <MeetAndroid.h>

MeetAndroid meetAndroid;

int buzzer = 48;                                 // Buzzer connected to digital pin 48
int ledPin = 50;                              // the number of the LED pin 50

// variables will change:
int ledState = 0;                                 // variable for reading the led status

void setup()
 pinMode(ledPin,INPUT);                              // pin 13 led as OUTPUT
 pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT);                         // pin 48 buzzer as OUTPUT
 Serial.begin(115200);                           // start serial communication at 115200bps


void loop()
  ledState = digitalRead(ledPin);
 if( ledState == HIGH  )                            // if 'HIGH' was received
   digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH);                // turn ON the buzzer
   Serial.print("Door is opened\r\n");         // print the message when the Mega received input from Serial1
   delay(5000);  // delay 5 seconds
   meetAndroid.receive();                   // read input pin and send result to Android
   meetAndroid.send(digitalRead(ledPin));   // add a little delay otherwise the phone is pretty busy
   digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);            // otherwise turn it OFF
    delay(1000);                         // wait 1000ms for next reading



Hey bro, I followed the instructions from the below URL. I dowloaded the software which I was told into my htc phone. I paired it up with my bluetooth. I aint sure whether my program is right. so as to narrow down to the problem. The amarino software helps to retrieve data from the bluetooth itself. I am most probably sure it has to be the program.

best regards



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Sorry guys,

I wasn't sure that cross posting was a illegal thing. I was just trying to get my options wider.

best regards

James C4S

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For the sake of google/future searches:

cross post #1:

cross post #2:

Do a minute amount of research and verify your phone is capable of the serial port Profile.
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