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Does anyone know where I can find a working 5 mm LED 6432 Display?

I can't find any.

I would perhaps recommend contacting them. They might have a few around that they could sell to you. It's worth a shot.



Thanks I will try that but I read on their site that they can be ordered in "large" quantities but 1 or 2 would certainly not qualify for this.

i undertood about the 32x16 item, it will be available in mid of this month but what about the 64x32, do u sell it ? and when it will be available.


Fe2nek    2010-11-10 03:49:05
We do not sell 6432 any more. However, if your order is large, we can buy for you.
Administrator:zhangqian     2010-11-12 15:22:30  Reply  



I have a question ,
can i use those outputs to control an rgb ledcube 4x4x4?


I got my answer to Sure Electronics selling me 1-2 of the 6432 displays:

I would like to order 1 to 2 of the discontinued 6432 displays in 5 mm size. Is there any you have left over that I could purchase?

tdg89341    2010-11-21 21:31:41
So sorry, we only accpet the order more than 50 pcs for 6432 displays.
Have a nice day!
Administrator:zhangqian     2010-11-23 10:20:30  


Long time reader, first time poster....

How would these displays fare outside? Would they be readable in direct sunlight? I am working on a project that needs to be readable in full sun if possible. I assume the pure red displays are brighter than the bi-color ones?

Thanks guys. The progress y'all made is amazing!


These displays (3216 RG) are for indoor use as they are light up fairly to good indoors but outdoors require much higher MCD brightness due to sunlight and ambient lighting. The 3216 RG displays look great under lower lighting conditions or you can add a smokey glass filter cover to better handle brighter ambient lighting conditions around theses displays.


Has anyone gotten the 32 x 16 bicolor LED matrix working with arduino?

What modifications to the library are needed to accommodate 512 bicolor LEDs?



I received two 3216 LED display and there is no way to make any library or code in this forum make it work.

This board has a true SPI interface so the "old" ones makes it incompatible?

I just get garbage on screen. Do you guys have any idea how I fix this or how do I start fixing the libraries?


I received two 3216 LED display and there is no way to make any library or code in this forum make it work.

This board has a true SPI interface so the "old" ones makes it incompatible?

This board uses the same HT3216 driver chip as the other boards that have been under discussion here, so it is no more "true SPI" that those (and no less.  When I wrote the first sample code, the main reason for avoiding existing SPI libraries is that the chip commands were of unusual lengths (not a multiple of 8 bits.)  (The "sample" code in Sure's documentation only seems to use the HW SPI support for some of the early initialization of the display.)

The 32x16  has FOUR of the HT3216 controllers, with each one driving the LEDs (red and green) in only two of the 8x8 arrays, so the mapping to dots is going to be significantly different.  And you have to figure out which one to write to, and how.  And deal with the multiple colors somehow.  The existing code between the "draw a dot" logic and above the "send a command to an HT1632" is probably pretty useless.


Keep in mind that these use the new HT1632C not the older HT1632 Led Driver chips. The RC Master command ($18) is used differently now in the HT1632C. I have gotten them to work in SX/B (BASIC like language) on a Parallax SX-48 (now EOL) but still in development for me. I was hoping someone would have some code for the Arduino by now as I'm not that great with C.


Tim Gilmore, if you publish the Basic code you got working so far, I am sure someone will be able to translate that into "Arduino" C(++).


Yes. I will do that tonight after work or tomorrow. That would be great to see arduino code. So far I can display on the 1st of 4 3216 RG quadrants; or the 1st and 2nd; or the 1st, 2nd and 3rd; or all 4 but not any individual quadrant (other than just the first). It's tricky figuring out the 74164 clock pulsing for each chip select for the quadrants. I can also display characters but not fluently between quadrants yet. I can also read data and display it on the quadrants in green, red or yellow.

Any help on this for the arduino would be great!



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I'll open another thread in this forum to the "group" development of 3216 library.

New thread for 3216 things:



I have received today this LED display, and I think that I have a problem.
I have tried the first code that westfw put on this post. And in the display we can watch this:

"video in the next post"

What am I doing bad? or is a broken failure? I try other codes that I have seen on this post, and it is like the first and the third column are exchanged...

What can i do?

Thanks for all this post and sorry for my english... I am from Spain...  :(

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