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How to send: AT+CUSD=1,"*121#"
And I get this response:+CUSD: 2,"Stanje na Vasem racunu je 1.00 din. Kredit mozete dopuniti do 18.06.2014. Pozovite *111# i proverite koja vas ponuda ceka.",15

I need to extract text and forward to number who sent request.


Hi Bule!
I'm doing a project to turn on/off a desktop computer by SMS and I needed know how to send a USSD message and read the response. My solution is :

Using a GSM library: (SIM900)

          gsm.SimpleWriteln(F("AT+CUSD=1,\"*121#\""));   //sending AT+CUSD=1,"*121#"
          char resp[100];
          gsm.read(resp, 100); //this command will send the response to the serial port and, at the same time, copy to "resp" string

You can split the string using something like that:

int i=5;   //begin of string split =5, in this case
char newString[ ];
} while (i<20);  // End of string split =20, in this case

Then, now you have a newString with a text that you want.

I hope that will be usefull.


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