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I am  trying to connect a Thrustmaster T. Flight Stick x, a joystick to the Arduino. The joystick says it is able to connect with ps3 and pcs. I want to take the signals from the joystick and convert the outputs into voltages that will be sent to run solenoids turning them on or off.

Does anyone know how to have the arduino read the joystick signals?


Have you seen an USB shield for arduino?


Does anyone know how to have the arduino read the joystick signals?

You would probably need to hack the joystick to get the analog output of the pots in the joystick.
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or use a ftdi converter to take the control of the comunications by the serial port...by the way you must done a serious decoding of the recieved data


Bought the shield USB host 2.0. I loaded the libraries (PS3) was one of them. I had the shield plugged onto the Arduino. The serial monitor showed the text display message 'PS3 library working' after I uploaded the example (in the library for the PS3). Moving the thrust master did nothing. Nothing was read from the serial port...Not even gibberish to trouble shoot. The thrust master is PS3 and PC compatible as mentioned before. Can anyone help? I thought the shield would be plug and play?

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Nothing was read from the serial port
Why would you expect anything to read from the serial port? "Written to" is a completely different story.

Your code is missing!
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