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I have recently harvested an RF reciever chip and remote from a two-button car alarm relay system.  The small RF chip only has 4 pins in this order: GND DATA DATA VCC.  The data pins arent labeled Tx or Rx! The circuit can only receive since its a two button remote.  I want to connect it to the arduino and use it for turning on or off an LED.  What arduino pins should i connect it to, what code could receive the signals?  Any help or suggestions are appreciated


Without any other info, I would try to connect GND to GND, VCC to 5V, DATA to a digital pin (probably only one of them needed), then use the VirtualWire library to read from it.

The problem there could just be that the transmitter does not work with VirtualWire, but no idea what you are going to use as transmitter.

But you might get into problems with this, because the whole thing about alarm systems, is that the communication between the transmitter and receiver should be as hard to 'sniff' as possible, to prevent others from grabbing the signal out of the air, then repeating it to disable and unlock the car when you are gone.
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I have googled the subject and it seems that there is no documentation for the generic RF chips that are attached to the relay controller boards.  In terms of numbers the Arduino is a standard ATMega328 Duemilanova, The chip only has a serial number (wich didn't turn up anything in google).  I tried what bld said and hooked up the correct wires.  Unfortunately there are TWO data pins.  VirtualWire was unable to help and when I read the pin states through a serial connection directly they seemed to be switching randomly between High and Low.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

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